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Club Casual attire is always permitted throughout the Clubhouse. Definition - tucked in collared shirt and slacks, with jackets optional.

  • Blue denim is not permitted.
  • Hats and caps are to be removed by gentlemen upon entering the Clubhouse.
  • For ladies, appropriate dress length is required. Short shorts, tank-tops, halter tops, crop tops, or workout clothes are not permitted.
  • Dress code guidelines apply to children ages 14 and older.

Shorts, Collarless Shirts, Appropriate Boating Attire and Athletic Attire are permitted before 5:00 p.m. in the Boaters’ Grille, Yardarm and the Southwest area of the outdoor Terraces. However, after 5:00 p.m., neither athletic attire, shorts, nor collarless shirts are permitted in any area of the Clubhouse.

Tucked in collared shirts and slacks are required after 5:00 p.m. throughout the Clubhouse.

Between May 1 and October 31, no jacket or tie is required, and shorts are permitted throughout the Clubhouse at all times.

Attire for club events will be included in the event description. 
Club Casual means long or short sleeve collared shirt, no tie, jacket is optional.

Blazers. Navy Blue, single-breasted with two or three-button front; patch pockets; two or three buttons on each sleeve. All buttons, brass with fouled anchors. Official Naples Yacht Club Emblem, complete with disc on breast pocket. Florida Council of Yacht Clubs “13 Patch” on left sleeve; bottom of patch two inches above the end of sleeve. Directors and Alternates to the Council wear patch with the fouled anchor; Club Members, the patch with the plain anchor. Club Members are encouraged to wear the Club blazer at any time that they are at the Yacht Club or engaged in boating under conditions where the blazer would be appropriate. The Club blazer usually should be worn with a tie. The wearing of the Club blazer does not require that the wearer be in full uniform.

Trousers. Navy blue to match blazer, dark grey or white. Other colors are not in order. Trousers be cuffed or be cuffless.

Shoes And Socks. Black or brown with navy blue or dark grey trousers; white with white trousers.

Shirts. White.

Neckties. The Club tie, for official functions, shall be a navy blue four- in- hand tie. On other than ceremonial occasions it is permissible to wear black, red or navy-blue four-in-hand ties either plainor with a nautical symbol such as the burgee, a fouled anchor or similar insignia.

Caps. Members should be encouraged to wear the Club cap, particularly when engaged in boating activities. The Club cap may be worn with any boating clothes of good taste. Caps are permitted on the outside Terrace Dining Areas.

Optional Summer Uniform. May be worn from May 1st to November 1st and shall consist of a white short sleeved shirt with epaulets and Yacht Club shoulder boards, white trousers, white belt, socks and shoes, Club tie if desired.