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The Naples Yacht Club, located in sunny Naples, Florida

History of Naples Yacht Club

Year 1947 about

Stephen F. Briggs img
Stephen F. Briggs

Commodore 1947-1956

J. G. Sample img
J. G. Sample

Commodore 1956-1959

B. W. Morris, Jr. img
B. W. Morris, Jr.

Commodore 1959-1961

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Naples Yacht Club is founded

by Stephen F. Briggs, J.G. Sample. and B.W. Morris, Jr. to become Naples’ first private club as a private boating and social organization.

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City of Naples is Incorporated

Population: >1,500

1949 city of naples incorporated

incorporated city img
An early Commissioning Ceremony at Naples Yacht Club

1953 First NYC clubhouse

first nyc clubhouse img

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The First NYC Clubhouse

1953, the Club’s membership increased beyond the three founding members to more than 20 members. Evolving from informal meetings held aboard the Mangrove King, an unusual-looking vessel owned by Mr. Morris. The Club’s first recorded meeting was held March 19, 1954.

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Naples Yacht Club is Incorporated

Land acquisition at current site on Naples Bay

1956 Naples Yacht club Incorporated

nyc incorporated img

1960 Constructing the clubhouse

constructing clubhouse img

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Constructing the Clubhouse

Commencement of construction in January 1960 of a clubhouse and dock for the now 200 members. The Club’s construction was finished the first week of September 1960. Within a few days, Hurricane Donna struck Naples with winds of 180 miles per hour! Minor damage to the new clubhouse’s roof was repaired and the Club was formally dedicated on December 15, 1960.

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As Naples continued to grow, so did the Club’s membership, prompting several expansions and renovations, including a new floating dock system, pool, casual dining room and other amenities.

Expansions in 1960

expansion img 1
expansion img 2
expansion img 3

2019 New Construction Complete

construction img 01
construction img 02
construction img 03

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New Construction Complete

Following Hurricane Irma, Naples Yacht Club completed a $10 million restoration completely updated the original clubhouse. The enhancements maximized views of Naples Bay and offers members expanded opportunities to enjoy outdoor dining and cocktails.